Karrie Jacobs


March 15, 2007

Thursday Morning Tidbits

big fish.jpg

[Predator Tunnel, Atlantis. See item 3.]

1. Metropolis just posted my column on the Robert Moses exhibitions on its website. At the very end, there’s a plug for a talk I’m giving at the Museum of the City of New York next week, 3/20. Seems like space is limited, but if you click on the email link at the end of the column, they might find a spot for you. (Also see below.)
2. Architecture for Humanity just put up its Open Architecture Website, a forum where anyone can post plans for low cost housing. I haven’t read the rules, so I don’t know if the housing has to be designed for an emergency situation or not. (Hell, at this point, life is an emergency situation.) The other day, the site allowed me to browse projects without registering and I came across the house architect Brett Zamore designed for a family of Katrina victims in Biloxi. Looks like it’s almost done. Zamore, of course, is featured prominently in The Perfect $100,000 House. (In fact, the illustration on the book excerpt page is the prototype for the Biloxi House.) Later, I’ll register on the Open Architecture site and provide a more specific link, but right now…
3. …I’m in no mood for Internet protocol. I have my annual meeting with my accountant and my annual mammogram in one day. Grrrr.