Karrie Jacobs


April 8, 2008

House of Panter

The Muji Almond House is Gary Panter’s answer to…

the Glass House by Philip Johnson

I have posted about artist Gary Panter’s little houses before. But that was back on the now defunct House & Garden version* of the Itinerant Urbanist. (If you try to go to that URL what you get is a page welcoming former H&G readers to Domino Magazine which, in my opinion,  only adds insult to injury.) Anyway, I’m posting my favorite Panter house (and its conceptual cousin, my favorite Philip Johnson house) because, for the first time ever, all of Gary’s little houses are on public display. If you go to the Clementine Gallery right now you’ll find a big room full of Gary’s screamingly vivid paintings, hung on walls that the artist has generously drawn all over. If you keep going, you’ll find a backroom where several shelves are stocked with Gary’s outsider architecture.

And, yes, the big, new Gary Panter book is also available. And it features roughly a zillion paintings and drawings and a number of authoritative essays on art, plus an essay by yours truly about the little houses.

*I found a ghost version of the H&G Itinerant Urbanist, at least the posts from the final month or two. And someday I’ll turn the files I saved into a nice, online bootleg archive.

Panterville, USA.