Karrie Jacobs


November 8, 2008

Giant Leaps

July 21, 1969 and November 5, 2008

Wednesday’s paper was just sitting in the unruly pile next to my bed. I wasn’t even thinking about it as a collector’s item until a pal in Australia emailed me a story about people in NYC waiting in line to get the post-election edition of the New York Times. She asked if I’d managed to snag myself a copy. “It was easy,” I wrote back. “It was delivered right to my door.”

Anyway, I was gathering up the recycling today and actually remembered to save Wednesday’s front page and the special election section. But where to put it? Oh, I’ll store it in the plastic bag that contains the yellowing “Men Walk on Moon” edition. Equally momentous, I think, except that Obama’s victory feels like an even bigger leap for mankind, or, at least, for the little patch of humanity known as the USA.