Karrie Jacobs


June 21, 2013

The Metropolis Project, Part II

A “stand-alone loft” as discussed in “I Am the Uncool Hunter.” Frederick, CO, 2003.  (Photo by Karrie Jacobs)

Here are more of my favorite Metropolis “America” columns in a random order chosen by the magazine website’s search function.  (See Part I, below, for an explanation of why these links are suddenly necessary.  Hint: it’s not nostalgia.)

Like Urban Renewal, Only Backward, April 2008

In which I notice that America’s city’s are in a better position than the federal government to  implement progressive policy. (An idea that’s just lately gained traction.)

The Joy of Stumbling, February 2009

In which I write about my former favorite social networking site’s growing pains.

Dutch Treat, April 2009

In which I mark the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s ocean voyage.

Ground Zero’s Saving Grace, May 2006

In which I discover the surprising goodness of 7WTC

Urban Interlopers, March 2008

In which I realize that, in Santa Fe,  density is controversial

The Ad at the End of the Tunnel, July 2006

In which an ad I see on the PATH train sends me on a conceptual treasure hunt

Revenge of the Small, December 2006

In which I begin to notice that houses are shrinking

I Am the Uncool Hunter, May 2004

In which I encounter the “stand-alone” loft in a Colorado subdivision

Without Redundancy, October 2007

In which I probe the cultural reasons behind structural failure

Sagatopia, September 2007

In which I search in vain for “modesty” on Long Island’s East End

Grand Vision, July 2007

In which I applaud (sort of) Bloomberg’s PlaNYC 2030

The Thrill is Gone, February 2008

In which I question  the necessity of Times Square