Karrie Jacobs


September 24, 2014

Everything Changes. Everything Stays the Same

1 WTC from Fulton

1WTC as framed by Fulton Street.  (Photo by Karrie Jacobs.)

For one thing, my website looks somewhat different.  It was recently overhauled and fine tuned by Greg and Patricia of Kind Company.  It’s now a bit crisper and a lot more functional, although the overall look (courtesy of Randy Hunt) remains the same.

For another thing, I’m now writing with increasing regularity for Fast Company‘s Co.Design website.  Instead of doing one column a month, I am attempting to write a half dozen.   Check out this recent piece on the building in the photo above.  (When tightly framed by a downtown street, the new 1WTC begins to look a bit like one of the old towers, doesn’t it?)

I’m still writing for Architect, of course, most recently about the Whitney Museum, old building and new building. Same museum, new box.

And the school year has started at SVA’s graduate program in Design Research (formerly known as DCrit).  Yesterday my class went on a field trip to Shapeways, the 3D printing out-putter (is that a word?) in Long Island City.  Last week we discussed Robert Venturi’s Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture while sitting in the middle of Times Square.  We are — I think — having fun.  Just like we did when we were criticizing instead of researching.

It’s all different.  Except that it’s not.  Happy autumn!