Karrie Jacobs


February 5, 2007

Via Ask.com

As you may or may not know, those of us with websites install odd bits of software to count hits and show us the terms people Google to find their way to us. It’s all very entertaining in a watching paint dry kind of way. For instance, people often come to my decidedly unsexy architecture-oriented site searching for “Karrie Jacobs nude.” Sorry to say, the only Karrie Jacobs here is wearing at least three layers of clothing, including some very non-provocative silk long johns.

Anyway, earlier today some hapless user of Ask.com, the search engine formerly known as Ask Jeeves, came to my site by inquiring: “was vividly a composer or a panter?” The answer, of course, is no. Although “vividly” might have been a tad out of breath by the time he was done with “The Four Seasons.” And if you’re looking for a “panter,” I suggest you try this site.

Stay warm.