Karrie Jacobs


April 17, 2007

The Itinerant Urbanist is Moving!!!

lowres wide load.jpg

Strange as it may seem, the Itinerant Urbanist, my slow moving, poorly tended blog is moving to a fabulous new location. From this moment forth, The Itinerant Urbanist will live at:

That’s right, I’ll be writing about architecture, cities, and other intriguing aspects of the manmade world at the website of House & Garden magazine. This is good news. For one thing, I’ll have a snappy new 21st C. gig: professional blogger. For another, I’ll be posting a lot more regularly.
I’ll still be using this space to announce upcoming public appearances (there will certainly be a few timed to coincide with the release of a paperback edition of The Perfect $100,000 House in late May). And I’ll also post links to new articles. At some point web designer Randy Hunt and I will retool this site so it better serves its new purpose.
You can still contact me at kj[at]karriejacobs.com, especially if you have interesting architectural projects or ideas about which I might want to blog.
Be advised that I have zero interest in purchasing Viagra, and that the naked Karrie Jacobs cannot be found at this address.

But please, please do come visit The Itinerant Urbanist at her new home: