Karrie Jacobs


April 14, 2010


New York, New York, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Stata Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Man, where have I been?  I haven’t posted since January.  I am a very bad blogger.  But then, blogging is so over.  I should be Tweeting, right?  But I’m not.  Nor am I on Facebook. My current status is unknown.  I am a failure at social networking.   Must mean I have a life.

I have been traveling a bit.  Boston. Montreal. Boston.  And working a lot.  But mostly the Itinerant Urbanist went dead for awhile because some evil hackers invaded the site and made it appear — most particularly  to Google  — that I was in the business of selling pain killers.  I’m not.  It took a while for Randy, my faithful web guy, and the most over-employed person in America, to clean up the mess. Meanwhile, I was left to ponder the dumbass Nihilism of hacking.

Anyway, I’m alive and well.  My April Metropolis column about rebuilding in Haiti went up on the website just in time for yet another horrific earthquake.  And over at the Travel + Leisure website, I’m doing my bit for architectural discourse with (yes!) the World’s Strangest Buildings.

More soon.  Really.