Karrie Jacobs


June 27, 2013

The Metropolis Project, Part III

Urbanity, Texas style, 2011.  (Photo by Karrie Jacobs)

More of my favorite “America” columns from the Metropolis website.  (If you want to know why I’m compiling these columns now, go to The Metropolis Project, Part I).

Madison Square Station, December 2007

In which I realize that the problems with the Moynihan Station plan have much more to do with money and politics than architecture.

The Power of Inadvertent Design, February 2004

(Not an America column, but part of a series I wrote about the plans for the WTC site.)  In which I ponder the inadequacy of symbolism.

The DUMBO Principle, May 2013

In which I determine that something good might come out of the Walentas-SHoP approach to the Domino site in Williamsburg.

The Two-Block Problem, November 2010

In which I notice that two Manhattan blocks can be a very long distance or a very short distance depending on circumstance.

Say What?, January 2012

In which I stumble on evidence that the word “urban” has been rehabilitated.

Fast Train Coming (Slowly), September 2008

In which I try to figure out why the Feds are funding a mag lev train from Disneyland to Las Vegas instead of a high speed rail system.

The Incrementalists, January 2011

In which I try to figure out why we’re widening a concourse or two instead of building Moynihan Station.