Karrie Jacobs


August 17, 2006

The Itinerant Urbanist is, well, itinerant…

Low Res VT.jpg

Currently, I’m in Vermont. Last night I kicked off the publicity blitz for “The Perfect $100,000 House” by giving a talk at Yestermorrow, the design/build school where I began the long road trip I took to research the book. The place was packed, in part because I’d done an interview on Vermont Public Radio earlier in the day. But maybe they were all there for the kindling.

A few days ago, someone emailed me about my website and pointed out that it was a little strange, promising to start a blog called the Itinerant Urbanist soon, when I have clearly already started blogging. But, you see, I haven’t.

The Itinerant Urbanist is a pretty specific project rather than a more amorphous what-I-had-for-dinner (a hamburger) and how-I-feel-about-the-state-of-the-world (fretful) blog. I’m hoping that I will be able to post the first I.U. adventure in the next week or two, depending on my workload and the intensity of the book blitz. But right now I’m the Itinerant Ruralist.