Karrie Jacobs


October 16, 2006

My Googleganger Writes!!!

As you may recall, in My Googleganger, the post that launched this blog-ette, I wondered what a porn star was doing with my decidedly unporntastic name:

“But the other question, the disturbing one, is what exactly is this girl doing with my name? Strippers are supposed to adopt a stage name, aren’t they? Gypsy Rose Lee. Cherry Mirage. Bunny Luv. What kind of a stripper name is Karrie Jacobs?

“‘Maybe she grew up on Jacobs Street,’ suggests Sullivan.

“‘Right,” I say, “and she had a hamster named Karrie.'”

Lo and behold, I got an email about a week ago from someone who says she’s that other Karrie. I have reason to believe it’s legit. (For instance, she gripes that she’s seen “zero dollars” from the cigar that Penthouse named after her.) Anyway, here’s what she says about how she got her (my) name:

“Karrie Jacobs is, of course, not my real name. It’s the stage name I picked. Karrie was given to me by one of my girlfriends because in “real life” she thinks I look like Carrie Russell, the actress. I wanted it to be unique, so I spelled it K and an IE at the end. Jacobs was just a last name I thought went well with Karrie and didn’t sound fake. “

Good instincts, I guess.

Oh, and one more thing. Guys, for those of you who reach this site by Googling “Karrie Jacobs” and “nude,” I’m sorry to inform you that the other Karrie isn’t in that line of work anymore. She’s in marketing now, the kind of marketing that typically requires clothing.